Fraud Awareness Program

Insurance fraud is a multi-billion dollar industry problem and continues to increase annually. Our industry is susceptible not only to fraud committed during the claim process by insureds and claimants, but also to fraud committed by health care providers, vendors, agents, and even insurance company internal employees. To combat the fraud problems, regulators in virtually all jurisdictions have promulgated requirements that companies licensed in their jurisdiction develop and implement anti-fraud plans. Our anti-fraud plan at Harford Mutual/Firstline includes designation of a Company Fraud Coordinator whose responsibilities include:

  • Education & Training — An internal program to train new personnel to recognize potentially fraudulent behavior and to maintain a heightened sense of awareness through ongoing training of existing personnel
  • Fraud Detection — Development of fraud detection guidelines to be utilized by employees
  • Fraud Investigation — Assist internal personnel in conducting additional investigations of suspicious activity
  • Referral & Prosecution — Make referrals to appropriate prosecutorial authorities

If you suspect insurance fraud has been committed, please contact our Anti-Fraud Coordinator.