Premium Audit Services

Harford Mutual performs premium audit services for its policyholders to determine the actual exposure(s) and then adjusts the premium accordingly.

Audits are completed on various insurance policies including General Liability (written by itself or part of a Commercial Package Policy), Businessowners, Workers’ Compensation, Auto, Garage, and Reporting policies. The premium charged for these policies is often based on estimated exposures. Policies with the following exposures are often subject to audit:

  • Payroll
  • Gross Sales
  • Total Costs — This exposure is often found in policies issued to contractors who use insured subcontractors
  • Admissions — Is the total number of people attending an event other than an insured’s employee
  • Members — Is the total number of people belonging to an insured’s organization
  • Gallons — Is the total number of gallons (such as gas) sold

Audits are usually held within 60 days of the policy’s expiration. The auditor will need to review various records (such as State Unemployment Tax Returns, Federal 941s, payroll records, Certificates of Insurance, Profit and Loss Statements, etc.) to determine the actual exposure(s). The auditor will also ask about an insured’s business operations, employees, and their duties. This information is needed to ensure that a policy is classified correctly and that an employee’s payroll is allocated to the proper classification.

In addition to our in-person and virtual telephone audits, Harford Mutual Insurance Group conducts insured-led audits. The mail audit is sent via the postal service and explains to the insured that an audit needs to be completed using our Mail Audit portal powered by AuSuM. The insured simply logs into AuSuM using the username and password provided on the audit notification letter, follows the online instructions to execute the audit, and submits the final results. To access the Mail Audit website, visit

Audits may be conducted by an employee of Harford Mutual Insurance Group or an Independent Audit Company. The following is a list of Premium Auditors and Independent Audit Companies:

  • Charles Martin, Premium Auditor
  • Randy Pugh, Premium Auditor
  • Patricia Wroe, Premium Auditor
  • Daniel Sommerville, Associate Premium Auditor
  • Carrie Lantry, Premium Audit Services
  • NEIS Premium Audit Services
  • RLD Associates, Inc.
  • York Risk Services

Frequently Asked Questions about Premium Audits

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