Diversity and Inclusion

Harford Mutual Insurance Group believes we have a responsibility to create a workplace where inclusion and diversity are respected and valued and that opportunity for all is ensured. Our Inclusion, Diversity, and Opportunity Committee [“IDOC”] is tasked with helping us achieve and maintain this goal. Employees from all departments and with various life experiences are welcome to volunteer and join. Through regular committee meetings, collaboration with department managers, group-directed training, and self-education, the IDOC committee focuses on increasing knowledge and awareness surrounding diversity and inclusion topics and making meaningful changes in areas like recruiting and philanthropic giving.

Since its formation in 2020, the IDOC Committee has established company-wide bias training; created a monthly newsletter highlighting different cultures, the power of language, and group affiliation days; increased our recruiting reach for targeted and marginalized groups; and aligned our giving guidelines to ensure equitable distribution of our charitable funds.


The mission of the IDOC is to create meaningful change through self-examination in the areas of inclusion and diversity at Harford Mutual Insurance Group.


We believe that all people are born with value, character, and ability, and we want to ensure that we are providing every opportunity for them to bring that value to our company.


A kind and caring culture where all individuals are valued.

guiding principles

  • We lead with empathy in all interactions and activities.
  • We lead with mutual respect and kindness, knowing that they are non-negotiable.
  • We respect different perspectives and world views ensuring that none are devalued or result in inequities.
  • We embrace all diversity – diversity of viewpoints, thoughts, backgrounds, and beliefs to ensure every team member is valued and comfortable bringing their authentic self to work.
  • We will ensure we have the tools, training, and resources to build awareness of diversity, equity & inclusion so that we can recognize our own biases and actively seek to avoid them, thereby fostering opportunity.
  • We recognize that diversity in all forms can be leveraged as an integral element to our continued success.