Member Meeting Paperless Terms And Conditions

You may choose to receive your Harford Mutual Insurance Group’s Member Meeting notices electronically [“Paperless Option”].  Electronic meeting notices have the same contractual effect as paper notices.[1] Harford Mutual Insurance Group’s Paperless Option is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance, without modification, of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein [“Terms and Conditions”]. Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. If you do not agree with any of these Terms and Conditions, do not enroll in the Paperless Option.

Disclosure and Consent

The parties to this Disclosure and Consent are the authorized policyholder [“you” or “your”] and Harford Mutual Insurance Group, including any of its subsidiary entities (Harford Mutual Insurance Company, Firstline Insurance Company or 1842 Insurance Company), collectively referred to herein as “Harford Mutual” or “HMIG”.

This Disclosure and Consent provides important information regarding your rights for enrolling in the Paperless Option. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you agree to receive Member or Policyholder Meeting notices electronically from Harford Mutual, use electronic signatures in your dealings with Harford Mutual, and receive in electronic format Member or Policyholder Meeting documentation, notices, disclosures and/or communications that Harford Mutual is required by law to provide to you relating to any member or policyholder meetings.

Please read the following carefully and retain a copy for your records.

Modification and Acceptance of Terms

Harford Mutual reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Your continued participation in the Paperless Option will constitute your acceptance of any changes made to the Terms and Conditions. The applicable Terms and Conditions can be found on

Requirements for Enrolling in Harford Mutual’s Paperless Option

Before enrolling in Harford Mutual’s Paperless Option, you must determine whether you have regular access to the following: computer or electronic device capable of connecting to the Internet; an Internet browser; an Internet browser capable of downloading, displaying, printing, and retaining documents in the Portable Display Format [“PDF”]; a valid email address. 

Accessing Documents

After signing up for the Paperless Option, you can expect your Policyholder Meeting notices to be sent to you electronically, using the email address provided by you.

Please be aware that there may be some documents that we cannot deliver electronically due to legal and/or technology restrictions in your state. In such an instance, you will receive paper versions of these documents by regular mail.

Right to Discontinue Enrollment

You can discontinue your enrollment from the Paperless Option at any time by calling or writing to Harford Mutual. You can also request a paper copy of any Policyholder Meeting notices at any time without discontinuing your Paperless Option enrollment. To un-enroll from the Paperless Option, please call 800-638-3669, email, or send your written request to Harford Mutual Insurance Group, Attention: Corporate Secretary, 200 N Main Street, Bel Air, Maryland 21014.

Electronic Signatures

You agree that any documents, notices, or other communications between you and Harford Mutual, which require a signature, may be executed electronically. You acknowledge and understand that by selecting an option in a drop-down box, check box, or other online representation of choices, by clicking a button, or by otherwise taking any action indicating your acceptance or agreement of a given document or communication, you undertake such action with the express intention that such action represents an intent to sign that document or communication and signify your acknowledgment and agreement to the stated provisions. If contacting us by telephone, you hereby authorize us to make such selections on your behalf, pursuant to your express instructions, with the same effect as if you had physically made such selections. By electronically executing this Agreement, and completing the enrollment process for electronic delivery, you demonstrate your intent to sign documents electronically.


By selecting the Paperless Option, you affirmatively consent and agree to allow Harford Mutual to provide electronic communications to you as described herein, and express your intent to electronically sign this Agreement, including any State Specific Notices applicable to your state. You agree that you have the authority and ability to receive electronic communications on behalf of all named insureds listed on the policy. You also agree that electronic signatures may be used in your dealings with us, that you possess or have regular access to one or more devices which satisfy the hardware and software requirements specified above, and that you are able to access the email address, provided by you, through which Harford Mutual may send electronic communications to you.

By consenting to receive communications electronically and use electronic signatures, you agree that it is your responsibility to access, open, and read all communications and documents that Harford Mutual sends to you electronically. Electronic communications and transactions are legally binding in the same manner as paper communications or transactions.

By accepting this Agreement, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You acknowledge that you are able to view the Member Meeting notices or other communication using your computer, electronic device and/or software in accordance with the technical requirements previously listed in this document. This Agreement is effective when we electronically receive your acceptance.

State Specific Notices

Georgia law requires the following language be included in these Terms and Conditions:

The policyholder electing to allow for notices and communications to be sent to the electronic mail address provided by the policyholder should be aware that the insurer rightfully considers this election to be consent by the policyholder that all notices may be sent electronically, including notice of nonrenewal and notice of cancellation. Therefore, the policyholder should be diligent in updating the electronic mail address provided to the insurer in the event that the address should change.