Answering Questions About Your Proxy

When your vote is requested on proposals that affect Harford Mutual Insurance Group, you could, if you wanted, attend a member meeting in person – or you could vote by proxy online or by mail.  This way, your vote can be counted without your having to attend a meeting in person.

While we would prefer for you to vote in an election, submission or non-submission of your proxy in no way affects, impacts or determines the status of your Policy(ies) with the Company.

Members entitled to vote include each policyholder of a company-issued insurance policy underwritten by Harford Mutual Insurance Company, Firstline Insurance Company, or 1842 Insurance Company.  Each member is entitled to one vote regardless of the amount of coverage or number of policies and contracts held.

The designated proxies can be any one of the following designated members of Harford Mutual Insurance Group – Chair of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, or the Corporate Secretary.  Any one or more of them are entitled to cast your vote at any member meeting.

In order to take action at a Harford Mutual Insurance Group member meeting, we need a quorum to complete the business of the organization.  A quorum is achieved when a sufficient number of members (policyholders) are represented in person or by proxy at any member meeting, be it an annual or special meeting. It is important that we have your vote to achieve a quorum to be able to take necessary actions at these meetings in order to keep the company moving forward. 

Every proxy continues in full force and effect until revoked.  Proxies may be revoked by:

  1. Written notice from the proxy-giver to the Corporate Secretary stating the proxy in revoked.  Be sure to include your name and account number on the notice to ensure proper handling.
    By Mail:
    Harford Mutual Insurance Group
    Office of the General Counsel
    200 N. Main Street
    Bel Air, MD 21014

    By Email: 
  2. Execution of a later dated proxy delivered to the Corporate Secretary five (5) days prior to the vote.
  3. The proxy-giver’s appearance at the meeting revoking their proxy at an annual or special meeting of the members.

Questions or concerns regarding your proxy vote can be emailed directly to