Direct Bill Flexible Pay Plan Options 

Insureds will be assigned a billing customer number and billed once a month (if payment is due) with one statement for all inforce policies.

Available Payment Plans are:

  • 1 Payment — 100% due on the effective date of the policy.
  • 3 Payments — 40% due on the effective date and 30% in the 3rd and 5th policy months
  • 4 Payments — 25% due on the effective date and 25% in each of the 3rd, 5th, and 7th policy months (Note: This is not a quarterly payment plan)
  • 7 Payments — 25% due on the effective date and 12.5% due in each of the next six policy months.
  • 10 Payments — 10 equal installments. 10% due on the effective date and 10% in each of the next nine policy months.


  • $5.00 Installment Fee applies at invoicing per policy to the 2nd and subsequent installments.
  • $10.00 Late Fee applies per policy whenever a cancellation notice for non-payment of premium is processed.
  • $25 Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Check Fee applies to all returned checks (paper or electronic) by the financial institution for non-sufficient funds.
  • $25 Reinstatement Fee per policy following non-pay cancellation (South Carolina, $10)

WOrkers’ Compensation pay As You Go

Workers’ Compensation Pay As You Go is increasing in popularity in the business world. Eliminating up-front costs and outdated payment methods are two of the biggest reasons businesses are turning to Pay As You Go for Workers’ Comp insurance. Compared to an estimated annual payroll amount, Pay As You Go relies on real-time payroll to calculate Workers’ Comp premiums, resulting in more accurate premium payments. This means less of a chance to pay too much throughout the year – or have a premium adjustment at the end of the policy term due to under-reported payroll.

Policyholders with Workers’ Compensation policies over $5,000 in premium are eligible to benefit from Pay As You Go billing. View our Pay As You Go FAQs.

Eliminate costly lump sum payments and instead pay incrementally.

View in real-time and pay accurate premium amounts based on submitted payroll.

Avoid worrying about late payments with automatic payment deductions.

Signing up for Pay As You Go is QUICK and EASY
Talk to your agent today about how you can benefit from the Pay As You Go program and the value it can bring to your business.