Harford Mutual Insurance Group Women in IT Featured in I95 Business

(L to R) Arianna Gallamoza, Lori Hopkins, Judy Lentz, Cheryl Amberman, Jill Pearson, Caty Hartley, Gail Bianco, Missie Ruff, Jeneen Taylor, and Sarah Gardner.

Business Analyst/Configurator Cheryl Amberman, IT Solutions Specialist Gail Bianco, IT Developer Arianna Gallamoza, IT Project Manager Caty Hartley, IT Developer Sarah Gardner, Business Analyst/Configurator Lori Hopkins, Stat Clerk Judy Lentz, Business Analyst/Configurator Jill Pearson, Business Analyst/Configurator Missie Ruff, and IT Developer Jeneen Taylor are featured in the April issue of I95 Business Magazine.

At Harford Mutual, an environment in which employees of all genders and backgrounds can thrive, 10 of the 34 IT team members are female. This group of women are serving as role models for the next generation of female IT professionals and breaking boundaries in the male-dominated field.

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