2018 Service Award Breakfast

Harford Mutual Insurance recognized 20 employees celebrating a milestone anniversary–5 years to 40 years–in 2018. Everyone gathered at Ladew Topiary Gardens to enjoy breakfast, an awards ceremony, and a guided tour of the Manor house.

Thank you all for your combined 325 years of valued service!

2018 Service Award recipients

  • 5 YEARS: Alison Barry, Phillip Kerr, Ian Magill, Stacey Rebbert
  • 10 YEARS: Sandra Antonicello, Elaine Harrell, Sylvia Larocca, Stacy Mentzer, Ryan Smith
  • 15 YEARS: Susan Chanski, Lisa Foehrkolb, Greta Hittle, Matt Moreau, Tish Rees
  • 20 YEARS: Bill Wynne
  • 30 YEARS: Ann Anders, Nicole Lembach, June Poole, Nancy Przybylski
  • 40 YEARS: Gail Maschke

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