Harford Mutual Continues to Expand National Footprint

Harford Mutual Insurance Group continues to expand its national footprint after the successful merger of Clearpath Specialty, formerly known as ClearPath Mutual Insurance Company, into the Group.

The merger, which officially took effect on August 4, 2023, marked a milestone in Harford Mutual’s 181-year-old history. ClearPath Mutual, a well-established monoline workers’ compensation carrier based in Louisville, Kentucky, merged into Harford Mutual and converted to a stock insurer, now operating under the name Clearpath Insurance Company, marketed as “Clearpath Specialty.” As a member of the Group, all policyholders continue to receive the benefits of mutuality as they renew or write new business with Clearpath Specialty.

The merger has broadened Harford Mutual’s national footprint, establishing three offices strategically positioned across the country: the Home Office and headquarters in Bel Air, Md.; the Southern Office in Fort Mill, S.C.; and the Midwest Office in Louisville, Ky. The company has also expanded its reach, with Clearpath writing workers’ compensation business in Kentucky and Indiana.

Bringing our full-time employee count to over 250, Harford Mutual’s employee base grew by approximately 55 individuals, who work out of the Midwest Office and primarily support monoline workers’ compensation. All Clearpath Specialty employees became employees of Harford Mutual at the beginning of 2024.

Over the last five months, Clearpath has begun integrating into Harford Mutual programs and processes with completion expected to take place over the next 18 months into 2025. In 2024, Harford Mutual is looking forward to the gradual expansion of monoline workers’ compensation into the existing states and agencies where it currently writes business.

In November 2023, recognizing the need to accommodate an expanding team, Harford Mutual relocated its Southern Office to a more spacious office in Fort Mill. This move underscores the company’s dedication to providing an optimal working environment for team members and enhances collaboration with valued agency partners in the Southern region.

In 2024, Harford Mutual looks forward to building upon thriving partnerships, continuing to deliver exceptional service, and maintaining its position as a regional carrier of choice.

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