Jackie Selke Named Business Insurance 2022 Break Out Award Winner

Harford Mutual Insurance Group is proud to announce SIU Analyst Jackie Selke has been named a 2022 Break Out Award winner by Business Insurance. The annual program recognizes the top 40 professionals across the U.S. who are on track to be the next leaders in the insurance and risk management industry.

Selke started her career at Harford Mutual in August 2014 in the Claims Department. As a Claims Examiner, Jackie handled small/medium size commercial auto and liability losses. As her experience grew, Jackie learned more about the claims process, insurance coverage, and investigations. 

In October 2018, Harford Mutual formed the SIU. Through Selke’s investigative work in the Claims department and because of her service skills, positive attitude, and leadership qualities, she was selected to become only the second member of the unit. She was brought on as an SIU Analyst in July 2019. 

The SIU department has saved Harford Mutual and its policyholders more than $3.5 million through their efforts. The past 2 years have averaged around 420 referrals per year, and YTD trends for 2022 suggest that number could approach 600 for the current year. This success would not have been possible without Selke’s hard work, team mentality, and service skills.

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