Harford Mutual Announces Changes to Leadership

[L to R: Karen Mashinski, Geneau Thames, Frank Kellner]

Harford Mutual Insurance, projected to surpass $220 million in direct written premium in its 177th year, announces changes to its leadership team.

Chief Financial Officer Karen L. Mashinski has been promoted to Senior Vice President with the added designation of Treasurer and management responsibility of our human resources department. Mashinski joined Harford Mutual in 2015 as Vice President and CFO, immediately enriching the company’s financial, accounting, risk management, and internal audit strategies and operations.  She developed an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practice, refined our financial forecasting and modeling, and improved our financial reporting. In 2018, Mashinski expanded her role assuming oversight of the company’s emerging actuarial service division. 

General Counsel and Director of Compliance Geneau M. Thames, Esq. has been promoted to Assistant Vice President and the officer position of Secretary. Since joining Harford Mutual in 2015, Thames has broadened our legal oversight to include compliance and internal audit; initiated projects to ensure business continuity, workplace safety, and cybersecurity compliance; increased our company profile with regulatory and legislative representation; and developed best practices and ensured adherence for corporate and board governance.

Harford Mutual’s impressive growth over the past 10 years resulted in the distribution of new and increasingly complex tasks and project management to current leadership. The company needed dedicated operational support to efficiently steer the company towards its strategic goals and found that willingness and expertise in Vice President Frank Kellner. Kellner, currently leading the claims department, will assume the newly created role of Vice President, Administrative Operations.   Kellner has held several leadership positions in his 30-year career with Harford Mutual and was appointed to Vice President of Claims in 2003. In 2013, Kellner assumed the additional responsibilities of the Administrative Services department and the management of the company’s iconic building and growing real estate portfolio.

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